Only few people are aware of all the logistics behind the organization. The daily comings and goings in the warehouse are worthy of a large food market.

Moisson Sud-Ouest has a 26-foot (length) truck that visits suppliers 5 times per week, to collect food on its territory, as well as in Montreal. The crates and pallets of food and products received are stored in the 8,500 square-foot warehouse, located in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. Subsequently, boxes of various foods are prepared according to the needs and requests of the organizations and representatives of these various community organizations come and pick up the order they are also the one’s that and provide the link with the people who are in need. These foods are redistributed in the form of baskets, snacks or meals, depending on the different services offered by the organizations.





Food Processing

During the year 2016, Moisson Sud-Ouest will launch its food transformation project in its kitchens. In order to reduce food waste, Moisson Sud-Ouest wants to be one of the key players that will help reduce food waste by collecting surpluses. The organization will thereby benefit from an independent source of funding.

Meat Recovery

Under the provincial deployment of collecting meat in grocery stores launched by Moisson Montreal more than a year ago, Moisson Sud-Ouest is currently working on the implementation of this program in its own territory. Only organizations that practice food processing will be able to receive these frozen meats.