Partners and Donors

$1 donation = 3 meals

For Moisson Sud-Ouest, the support of partners is essential in the fulfilment of its mission. Without financial and food donations, the organization would not be able to play an active role in his fight against poverty in the field of food security in the regional county municipalities (MRC) of Beauharnois-Salaberry, Haut-Saint-Laurent and Vaudreuil-Soulanges, as it has done since 1989.

Becoming a partner of Moisson Sud-Ouest is to contribute s as much as possible to eradicating the problems of worsening poverty affecting many households, and several children.

By committing to Moisson Sud-Ouest’s mission, our partners are actively involved in making more productive the resources available. Indeed, every dollar invested in the organization allows the redistribution of food equivalent to 3 meals.

Become a partner of Moisson Sud-Ouest today, and help alleviate hunger in your area. The Moisson Sud-Ouest team will be delighted to give you all the necessary information on the different partnerships.

The Moisson Sud-Ouest trucks travel more than 55,000 kilometers throughout the year to collect foodstuffs and basic products.

Every month, through its organizations, Moisson Sud-Ouest helps distribute 59,630 meals and snacks for an annual total of 715,560 meals.

Among the people whom the organization reaches, 44percent are children. This rate is unfortunately the highest in the Moisson network.

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